Ojeu Framework


The universal and standardised system of procurement

It’s the law that all significant public sector contracts must be tendered through an OJEU Framework Agreement. This universal and standardised system of procurement – which applies to social enterprises too – ensures that services are bought and sold in an accountable, transparent and fair way for public sector providers and their private sector partners, delivering value and quality openly.

We work in partnership with Alliance Homes in an OJEU Framework Agreement to provide services to local authorities and housing associations in England to manage and maintain garages. This means that, when licensed social landlords are looking to update, modernise, and realise value from their garage stock, they can work with Secure Parking & Storage and Alliance Homes, safe in the knowledge that we have been vetted and approved as official providers of garage management solutions in the UK.


This means that you won’t have to go through a costly and time-consuming tendering process because we are already on the approved supplier list for call-out contracts. Alliance Homes holds this Framework Agreement for four years until March 2021.

The Framework Agreement allows social landlords to focus on running home tenancies and to procure best-in-sector skills to manage garages commercially. It has been structured to cover the UK in two lots, broadly North and South, and provides capacity for up to 100,000 garages to be managed.

Allows Social Landlords to focus on runing home tenancies
No Time-Consuming or Costly Tendering process to deal with
Covers the Entire United Kingdom, providing upto 100,000 garages.

Please note: OJEU is the Official Journal of the European Union, but the June 2016 EU referendum result for Britain to leave the EU has no effect on OJEU Framework Agreements in general or the Framework Agreement held by Alliance Homes in particular. This approach represents best practice in public sector procurement, is enshrined in UK law, and will not change following Brexit. It is run by the Public Contracts Regulations of 2015 by the Crown Commercial Service.

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