Garage Rentals and Garage Management during the Covid-19 pandemic

A Covid-Safe response for the rental of garages in the UK by Secure Parking and Storage

Whilst the country continues to adjust to working and living with Covid-19, we at Secure Parking and Storage (SPS) wanted to let you know what we have been doing to ensure that we provide the full range of our lock up garage management and maintenance services in a safe and secure environment.

Office Staff

All of our office staff are currently working from home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We continue to process over 200 calls a day and we are currently maintaining a 93% call answering service. We do, of course, have both voicemail so that customers can leave messages and email contact services.

We now process new tenancies in a paperless fashion and are currently letting approximately sixty new garages each month. We continue to process in excess of 10,000 direct debits a month.

SPS have also continued to process in excess of 10,000 direct debits a month.


We carry out our day to day maintenance services on all garages under management. When arriving on site our operatives follow three basic steps: Mask + Gloves + Sanitizer. The masks along with single use gloves are worn at all times when our operatives are outside of their vehicles . When work has been completed, the garage handle is then wiped using sanitizer gel.

Our operatives will only attend a site that is vacant or unattended.

Our Tenants are told when our operative is in attendance and are subsequently notified when the operative has left.

Our maintenance personnel are completing over 250 jobs every week, whilst of course being completely compliant with the latest Government Covid-19 Guidelines at all times.

Client meetings and new business opportunities

During lock down Secure Parking and Storage met with our clients via video conferencing. These meetings have been to cover our monthly management briefings and progress updates. In addition we held  weekly and daily catch ups with staff via video conferencing.

This has been very beneficial in maintaining contact with all clients and staff during the periods when direct contact has not been possible.

SPS will maintain this method of communication and contact going forward until such time as our clients and their offices are operating on a more normal basis.

Garage rental and maintenance services – Going forward

SPS continue to work within the Government Covid-19 Guidelines issued by the government. We will also continue to work at 100% capacity and deliver outstanding customer service during these unprecedented times.

We welcome contact and conversations with all our clients and customers.

If you want to get in touch to talk about your lock up garages and how SPS maybe able to help you then please do not hesitate to call Matt Vosper on 07590 687558

We look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile stay safe!

Matt, Tim, and Andrew and all the staff at Secure Parking and Storage Ltd