Secure Parking & Storage works with registered social landlords across England to manage and maintain garages attached to housing association and local authority housing.

We invest in and modernise garages, stock that has often been ignored and unloved for years. This means refurbishing – or even demolishing and then rebuilding – old stock, and creating modern, secure garages.

  • Good for local residents, who get great, safe garages at affordable prices.
  • Good for social landlords, who have experts managing and maintaining their garages, happy tenants, and increased rental revenue from higher occupancy.
  • And good for us, too, as Secure Parking & Storage grows the estate of garages we manage and maintain for housing associations and local authorities.

We typically take on management contracts from social landlords for four years or more. We are also interested in buying garage portfolios outright.

Secure Parking & Storage was founded in 2008 by Tim Woodcock and Andrew Milne . Matt Vosper is Operations Manager across all of our business.